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Seminar of Tianjin Municipality Social Science‘Food Safety andSocial Responsibility’ held by TUST

Date: [2014-03-19 10:03:36]

On October 11, the 8th seminar of Tianjin Municipalitysocial science ‘Food Safety and Social Responsibility’ was held in the Cconference hall  of He Xi campus. ChengGuoqiang, secretary general of academic commission of State Council Developmentand Research Center, Li Jiaxiang, secretary of party committee of TianjinMunicipal Social Science unity, Wang Xuekui, vice president of TUST attendedthe meeting and addressed the audience. More than 150 teachers and studentsalso participated in the meeting. And the meeting was presided over by DuHaiyan, vice dean of Research Center of Food Safety Strategy and Management.

Fromthe five following strategic perspectives of national security, includingfinancial safety, grain safety, energy safety, ecological safety, food safety,the importance of food safety was highlighted, and the status quo, existingissues and reasons of food safety were also systematically analyzed, andcorresponding solutions, supervision system and management methods were alsointroduced. The reports, would further expand the research domain of foodsafety.