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Shi Jieping Visited the Research Center

Date: [2014-03-19]  Author: Zhangjie  From: Food Safety Strategy and Management Research Center of Tianjin University of Science & Technology

For thepast few years, working staffs from Research Center of Food Safety Strategy andManagement endeavored to focus on scientific research on the one hand, whichreaps bountiful harvest over scientific research. On the other hand, theResearch Center expanded the domains of cooperative parters with even openstance. The Research Center made full efforts to promote the scientificresearch fruits in the academic exchanges and project cooperations withgovernment organs, institutions of scientific research and other enterprises.For the moment, the Research Center are moving forward with leaps and bounds ina bid to found a first-rate Think Tank on food safety within China.  

On July17, Shi Jieping and Cao Chenguang, vice directors of security supervisiondepartment from State Food and Drug Supervision and Administration Bureauarrived at the Research Center of Food Safety Strategy and Management for avisit. After looking around the laboratories of the Research Center, they had adiscussion with the Center researchers. President Wang Shuo had a cordialmeeting with the visiting guides, which was accompanied by heads and professorsfrom related departments of TUST.