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Working Staff of the Research Center Researched in Hai He Dairy

Date: [2014-03-19]  Author: Wangwei  From: ood Safety Strategy and Management Research Center of Tianjin University of Science & Technology

on September 13, working staff of the ResearchCenter of Food Safety Strategy and Management researched in Hai He Dairy. Takenby professor Ma Yongjun with College of Computer Science and InfromationEngineering, and professor Mu Jing with College of Economics and Management, 8teachers and 3 postgraduates, as well as 2 PHD candidates experienced theresearch.

Feng Yongqiang, director of Research and DevelopmentDepartment and Advanced Engineer of Hai He Diary welcomed the visit with openarms, led the teachers and students to visit the most advanced stream line ofproduction, and shed light on the origin, function and details of theproduction procedure with patience. In the course of research, engineers withHai He Diary answered the questions raised by the teachers and students.

Following the visit, the research paneldiscussed in-depth with the engineers, peculiarly on the technical andmanagerial issues in the implementation of traceable system of dairy productssupply chain. The discussion was of great significance for the theoreticalresearch and practical operation. At last, bilateral sides reached shared deal,aiming at establishing a long term cooperation partnership, which would turnHai He Dairy into scientific research foundation of the Research Center. Thecooperation would combine together the three aspects of production, study andresearch to facilitate realization of win-win results.