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The Branch Session of the 9th Annual Conference of Tianjin Social Science Convened by TUST

Date: [2014-03-19]  Author: Zhangjie  From: ood Safety Strategy and Management Research Center of Tianjin University of Science & Technology

On October 22, the branch session of the 9thAnnual Conference of Tianjin Social Science was ceremoniously held in Cconference Hall of He Xi campus. Party chief Li Xuyan, and vice president ofTianjin Social Science Association attended the session and addressed theaudience. Plus 150 teachers and students joined the session, which was presidedover by Hua Xin, the dean of College of Economics and Management.

The branch session was organized by ResearchCenter of Food Safety Strategy and Management, and Research Center of EnergeticEnvironment and Green Development. Experts and scholars, focusing on the themeof Low-carbon Economy, Green Development and Eco City, made more than brillientspeeches.

From the perspective of eco civilization,important roles played by Low-carbon Economy, Green Development and Eco City onregional development, urban construction and resource utilization wereanalyzed, and a string of issues and corresponding solutions over ecocivilization construction were introduced. The vivid reports with rich contentwould further promote the development in the research field of low carbon,green and eco economy.