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Food Safety Strategy and Management Research Center of Tianjin University of Science & Technology was established on December 23, 2008. On November 26, 2010, the center was approved as a key university research institute of Humanities and social science in Tianjin.

Tianjin University of Science & Technology (TUST), was founded in 1958, which was jointly constructed by the central government of China and the local government of Tianjin but mainly administered by the latter. It is a key comprehensive university located in Tianjin, with balanced disciplines offered in industry, science, arts, economics, management and law.  

TUST has a comparatively long history in Food Science and Engineering. It was authorized to award master degree in Food Science and Engineering in 1984, doctoral degree in 2003. Tianjin Key Laboratory of Food Nutrition and Safety was authorized to be established in 2003 and was recognized as Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education in 2007. At present the mobile postdoctoral center for Food Science and Engineering is also available at TUST. Based on Food Science, a priority in Tianjin, the center has grown into a unique inter-disciplinary platform of arts, science, industry and management by combining Management Science and Engineering and Business Management. It actively carries out researches according to the urgent demand of the country and the society.

Professor Wang Shuo, who is a national outstanding youth fund winner, Yangtze River Scholar, national Special Support Plan leader, leading scientist in China food safety, is the director of the center. Led by Professor Wang and his innovation team, many young talented professors gather here and carry out their researches on food safety technique standard management, food safety risk management and food safety law system innovation. The research team in this center perfectly combines technique and management.

At present the professors and scientists in this center are working on 104 national projects, 26 humanities and social science projects and some enterprises funded projects. Among these projects, the most famous ones are: Food Processing Process Multi-source Security Online Detection and Warning System (China Key Basic Research Development Plan Project or 973 Project), Study on China’s Food Safety Strategy (China Philosophy and Social Science Fund Project), China's Food Safety Risk Prevention and Control Research (Philosophy and Social Science Research Project of Ministry of Education of China), Food Safety Hazards Factor Visualization Rapid Detection Technology (Second Prize, China’s Science and Technology Progress). China’s Food and Medicine Safety 11th Five-year Plan, the first development plan of this kind, compiled by the professors and scientists in this center, has already been approved by the State Council to be issued.